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What is a SpatWrap?
A SpatWrap is a patented re-useable replacement to the expensive athletic taped spatting process. No more expensive tape is required to spat football players.

Will SpatWrap work on natural and artificial turf?
Having been battle tested for several years, SpatWrap has been proven to withstand the vigorous cuts and stops on both natural or artificial turf.

Is the spatting of shoes just another fad?
Spatting has been around for fifty years. There are benefits to using SpatWraps such as creating a tight fit, crisp look and additional ankle support. In addition, SpatWrap keeps shoelaces from coming loose, while keeping the shoe dry because of its special waterproof qualities.

Can just one person apply a SpatWrap?
Yes, SpatWrap was designed to be applied by the athlete. Currently, spatting shoes with athletic tape requires either an athletic trainer or a coach to undertake the time-consuming process of applying rolls of tape to each shoe. This tape process must be applied each practice and each game.

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