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Through game-time experience the inventors knew that two major problems exist with traditionally taped spatting:

1. Traditional taped spats stretch and retain water weight.
2. Traditional taped spats are expensive to apply and require someone else to apply.

To solve these two problems, the inventors located an elastic fiber material that has waterproof qualities and remains tight game after game. The SpatWrap has been designed to provide the look and feel of taped spats, yet has the capability to be reused game after game. SpatWrap can be machine washed and air dried throughout the season.

The SpatWrap Advantages:
One-Time Expense
Waterproof (remain lightweight)
Consistent Look and Feel
Provides Additional Ankle Support

Traditional Athletic Taped Spat Disadvantages:
- Continuous Tape Expense
- Absorbs Moisture (heavy when wet)
- Inconsistent Look and Feel
- Loses Support After First Hard Move

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Typically ships within three business days.
All shipments go out USP Priority Mail.

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